We preach Christ crucified (1 Corinthians 1:23)
Wensleydale Evangelical Church
Pastor: Noel Ramsey
High Street Leyburn Wensleydale North Yorkshire DL8 5AQ
Wensleydale Evangelical Church is situated in Leyburn, a thriving market town set amongst the rolling hills of Lower Wensleydale. It is an area of historical places, old buildings and wonderful scenery. On a fine day visitors can take a walk along the famous Shawl with its great views across Wensleydale.
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Welcome to the Wensleydale Evangelical Church Website. We meet for worship every Sunday: Morning Service 11am Evening Service 6pm
Wensleydale Evangelical
The church is the only society in the world that never loses any of its members, even by death. John Blanchard From “Gathered Gold” by John Blanchard
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There is a car park opposite the church
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