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Wensleydale Evangelical Church

Minister: Rev Noel Ramsey

Repentance is nothing else but a reformation of the whole life according to the law of God

John Calvin

From “Sifted Silver” by John Blanchard


They may look like cotton wool on sticks.

Strewed and scattered they seldom mix

Yet, when the farmers voice they hear

The sheep will flock, and have no fear

In the Bible sheep are mentioned in stories we’re told

Of men that were shepherds, and great leaders of old

The first shepherd was Abel who trusted the Lord

Bringing sacrificed offerings, without seeking reward

We’ve all heard of David, the young shepherd boy

Who defeated Goliath which brought the Israelites joy

By trusting the Lord, he’d worship and sing

For a shepherd no more, but a well known King.

Then there’s the shepherds, who were first on the scene

To see the Lord Jesus, so calm and serene

The birth of a Saviour, the good shepherd to be

The true Lamb of God, born to set sinners free

God sent us this shepherd, to take care of His sheep

So we could be rescued and safe in His keep.

Not one goes missing, that He would not pursue,

And give up His life, as a ransom for you.

This shepherd is Jesus, who came to assemble His flock

Let Him be our foundation, and stand firm on this rock

By understanding His word, and unblocking our mind

Then our eyes will be focused, and no longer blind

Jesus says we’re like sheep, who have all gone astray

Each of us determined to go our own way

Yet, He is the Good Shepherd, who laid down His life

So we could be saved, from everyday strife

Then let us not be like sheep, all scattered and weak

Draw closer to Jesus, and kneel at His feet

Let us all graze together and feed on His word

Through all that we do, and all that we’ve heard.

Irene Talman