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Wensleydale Evangelical Church

Minister: Rev Noel Ramsey

Repentance is nothing else but a reformation of the whole life according to the law of God

John Calvin

From “Sifted Silver” by John Blanchard

Warning Signs

When there’s a warning do we ever prepare?

To take heed what is said and take vigilant care

It may tell us of hazards which we’d want to evade

So study it careful and read what’s displayed

Warnings advise, of an impending event

Of possible perils, so we can prevent

A warning to keep us from danger or harm

Which expose us to risk causing grief or alarm

So follow the advice given, then you can be sure

To take note of the warning to be safe and secure

Don’t be distracted from reading the signs

For you’ll end up in strife, paying exuberant fines

People ignore warnings they go their own way

Like the Israelites of old, left to wander and stray

A dire experience through neglecting God’s Word

Turning their backs on all that they’d heard

They rejected God’s Law time after time

By living a life of misdeeds and crime

They worshipped false gods disobeyed His commands

Adapting and changing on what He demands

God gave us commandments for all to obey

Giving us laws to follow each day

So have your eyes focused, let them never grow dim

To walk in obedience and be guided by Him

If you keep to his rules, God saves you from danger

So come to know God and don’t be a stranger

Accept his salvation and pardon of sin

Don’t leave it to chance, where you think you will win

There’s a final warning for the wicked and just

For only in him can you faithfully trust

God’s judgements are good, righteous and true

So never reject his invitation to you

Irene Talman 2017