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Wensleydale Evangelical Church

Minister: Rev Noel Ramsey

Repentance is nothing else but a reformation of the whole life according to the law of God

John Calvin

From “Sifted Silver” by John Blanchard


It provides us with energy and nutrients too

That small grain of wheat, which looks puny to you

Yet when sifted and grinded and turned into flour

It’s baked into bread, in less than an hour

Granary, seeded or even plain white

It’s tasty and pleasing, when you take that first bite

Top it with cheese or marmalade spread

Delicious when eaten, between two slices of bread

Bread’s part of our diet to keep physically fit

Igniting our body, to become spiritually lit

You’ll never go hungry, but given strength to proceed

For only Christ can satisfy that spiritual need

Christ knows that our body, needs to be strong

As the journey ahead maybe toilsome and long

Yet with all of these burdens, He’ll help nourish you

To instruct and to guide, and nurture you through

He was sent from Heaven, this True Bread of Life

Sustaining us during those days of much strife

Follow him daily, feed on His word

Keep to His rules, and the things that you’ve heard

For those who taste, and eat of this bread

Will inherit eternal life, and be spiritually fed

There maybe those days, where you hunger inside

Then turn to ‘The Living Bread’ for He will provide

This true Bread of Heaven, who was sent here to thresh

Giving Life to the world, He gave us his flesh

So keep this bread fresh, don’t let it go stale

Or you will become lacking and never prevail

Irene Talman

June 2018